Placement Policy

Objective of Placement

  • Provide students with appropriate job opportunities to start their career in their chosen field.
  • Placement is provided only to eligible students who have completed courses at Inspyr.
  • Any remuneration from the organization to the student must be accepted in writing beforehand.
  • A separate employment agreement may be provided by the organization if they wish.
  • Placement depends on the type of course taken by the students.

Eligibility for Placement

  • Candidates must be a 12+ graduate from any recognized institution.
  • Candidates must have 90% attendance during training.
  • Candidates must be 18-35 years of age.
  • Punctuality and time management during training are necessary.
  • Practical assignments must be completed.
  • Candidates must score 90% in tests.
  • Candidates must score 90% in soft skills training.
  • All certification exams in respective courses are mandatory.
  • Candidates should get above 90% in mock interviews.


  • Placement depends on the students’ performance during training.
  • Job location is not limited to Bangalore.
  • Placement in companies depends on the type of course taken and can be in start-ups, small businesses, or MNCs.
  • Students shall be placed within 90 days after completing the course and meeting the eligibility criteria.

Responsibilities of Inspyr

  • Train students in the courses they opted for.
  • Provide placement training and interview preparation.
  • Notify students about jobs and schedule interviews.

Responsibilities of Students at Inspyr

  • Eligible students should register with the Inspyr placement cell.
  • Students must be present during placement activities; absence may result in removal from the list.
  • Students with unsatisfactory academic performance are advised not to participate in placement procedures.
  • Students must dress decently and be professional during interviews.
  • Students should maintain the institute’s image when visiting organizations for interviews.
  • Students must seek permission if they decide not to attend a test/interview after forwarding their resumes.
  • Selected students who receive an appointment letter cannot apply again and will be removed from the placement cell if they reject the job offer.
  • Once a student receives an appointment letter, it is assumed they will join the organization. If they decide not to join, they must inform the placement cell immediately.
  • Any queries regarding placement must be clarified with the placement cell only.
  • Students violating any rules or found guilty of indiscipline/misbehaviour will be debarred from further placement facilities and subject to disciplinary actions.
  • The institution reserves the right to prevent any students from appearing for campus interviews on disciplinary grounds.
  • It is mandatory for students to graduate from any discipline.