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India's Most Trusted Learning Destination. Serving Multiple Learners Every Month

We are the leading training institute brought closer to the doors of every learner aspiring to become a professional in the Digital World. We are one of the trusted faces in the digital space for all enthusiasts.

Career Guidance

Carrier guidance is essential for navigating the complex terrain of career choices, offering direction, support, and resources to individuals as they explore opportunities, develop skills, make informed decisions, and ultimately chart a fulfilling professional path aligned with their aspirations, values, and talents

Dedicated Faculty

In their tireless commitment to nurturing minds, dedicated faculty exemplify passion, patience, and perseverance, instilling knowledge, igniting curiosity, and sculpting futures with unwavering dedication, shaping generations to soar beyond horizons.

Live Projects

Working on live projects offers invaluable hands-on experience, fostering adaptability, problem-solving skills, and teamwork while navigating real-world challenges, ultimately honing expertise and preparing individuals for dynamic professional environments.

Assured Placement

Our comprehensive career development program guarantees students assured placements, providing tailored guidance, industry insights, and networking opportunities, ensuring a seamless transition from academia to the professional world, fostering lifelong success.

Franchisee Requirement

Infrastructure<br />


 2000 sq. Ft. Training Space. 500mt. From Bus/ Metro Station

 2 Classrooms, 1 Counselling Rooms

 Separate Washroom for M/F

 Dedicated Reception & Waiting Area

 360 CCTV Setup with Access to HO

 24/7 Security Service

 Power Backup of Min. 5 hrs.

 2 Time Refreshments for Employees

 1 Colored Ink Jet Printer



 1 Center Head for Operations

 1 Receptionist

 1 Learning Advisor

 2 Teaching Staff Per Course

 1 Full-Time Office Boy

 Accountant (Full/ Part-Time)

 Shared Resources Will be Provided on Request & Will Be Billed on Actuals

Investment Required

10 Lakhs – 20 Lakhs

Return On Investment

10 – 12 Months

Revenue Expected

2 Cr – 3 Cr ( 3 years )

The Take Aways for the Franchisee Owners

Digital Presence

Training Support

Digital Marketing

LMS Support

Weekly & Monthly KTs

Brochure & Printables

Study Materials

Official Mail Ids

Practical Sessions

Counselor Training

Why partner with us?

Great ROI

With us, you can make great ROI by leveraging innovative strategies, cutting-edge technology, and expert insights to optimize your investments, maximize returns, and propel your business towards unprecedented growth and success in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Brand Value

With us, you can get brand value that transcends mere recognition, fostering loyalty, trust, and resonance among consumers, propelling your business to new heights through authentic connections and impactful storytelling, establishing a lasting legacy in the hearts and minds of your audience.

R & D

After extensive research and development efforts, we have achieved significant progress, pushing the boundaries of innovation and paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in various fields.

Media & Awards

Our exceptional performance in the market has garnered us multiple prestigious awards, reflecting our dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence, positioning us as a leader in our industry.

Franchisee – Revenue Sharing Model

Lets Grow & build tomorrow
One Time Franchise Fee 5,00,000
Monthly Business Operating Cost – Bared by you 2,00,000
Monthly Digital Marketing Cost to Generate Leads – You pay this to Inspyr 50,000
Minimum Monthly Leads Shared by Inspyr with you 50 – 75
Total admission you have to complete in a month 15 – 20
Revenue Min generated average ticket size @ 50k per admission 8,00,000
Franchise Monthly Revenue @ 20% of sales revenue 1,60,000

Franchisee – Process


Business Ideas

Skills & Knowledge



Monitor & Support

Our Franchisee Program is an exciting opportunity for passionate entrepreneurs who share our vision and want to make a meaningful difference in their communities. By joining our franchise network, you become an integral part of our mission to provide accessible and exceptional education to learners around the world

Inspyr offers a diverse range of high-quality courses designed to empower learners worldwide. With our proven business model and comprehensive support, you’ll make a meaningful impact while building a successful business

Inspyr - Own a Business that you control.

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